A Happy Day

‘The older you get, the better you get. Unless you're a banana’. - Betty White

Tuesday was my 37th birthday.

The weather was warm, the hugs were abundant, there was delicious food, happy conversations, sand in my toes, and ice cream in my tummy.

Every year on my birthday, my Dad calls and sings to me over the phone. I pretty much always miss his calls (sorry Dad) but at least this means I get to keep the memento of his voicemail. It’s guaranteed to make me smile.

So now I’m one year older, with more grey hairs than I care to mention, and a body that likes to dish out new ailments on the regular, but I’m feeling oh so loved - and that really is the best gift of all.

Well that, and the actual gifts I got to unwrap.

Love wins, but so does a new frock and some fresh rolls of film.

Yay for birthdays!

Along with all my usual passionate photo taking, this year I have been incredibly inspired by the beautiful memories Xanthe Berkeley captures through video, and have been gradually storing up little family movies of my own. Guys, I’m married to a very gifted man who makes amazing visuals with video as a profession, and am therefore painfully aware that my wonky snippets are hardly cinematic genius. However, high standards aside, I know that these little pieces of my birthday (the special and the normal) will be a treasure in years to come. In particular Mark’s ‘air harmonica’ - it’s second to none.

So here are a few minutes from life on Tuesday and if you haven’t already, do take some time to look at Xanthe’s wonderful site, her videos will brighten your day.