Life Lately

Thoughts, likes and happenings from my corner of the world recently.

LOVING - Summery dinners and backyard picnics. Hayfever aside, what is there not to love about fresh air, food and sunshine? A particular favourite of ours is something we call a ‘taste plate dinner’ - which is basically just a whole lot of whatever we have on hand, cut up and arranged on a big sharing plate and in small bowls. The most frequent ‘go to’ items include: carrot sticks, cucumber, cheese, beetroot, pea sprouts, fruit, corn chips, tortillas, cold meats etc. It’s lazy parenting at it’s finest and we LOVE it.

LISTENING TO - Guys, I’m still on the podcast binge. My most recent favourite has been ‘Head Room’ with James Valentine. It’s a collection of best bits and further thoughts from his radio show and it’s a great, easygoing, and often very funny listen. But it’s not all podcasts, I’ve also been listening to endless episodes of ‘Downtown Abbey’ while I edit….because I’m cool like that.

READING - I’ve been picking up and putting down ‘Diving Belles’ by Lucy Wood for weeks. It’s a wonderful book filled with a collection of magical and mythical short stories. They’re beautifully written and I was often really sad that the tales couldn’t continue. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to read them all (because the library wants it’s book back) but I will definitely be keeping Lucy Wood on my list of authors to return to.

WATCHING - This past month I’ve been watching but not watching. You see, in an effort to not waste my life away on Netflix, I’ve been dedicating my free evenings at home to drawing and sketching. But wait, before you get the impression I’m polishing my halo, whilst riding on my ‘screen free’ high horse, Netflix is always on in the background! And my favourite drawing companion movies of late have been ‘The Holiday’, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Mean Girls’. Ah yes, alllll the the guilty pleasures.

HUMMING - Christmas tunes, and not becasue I want to, but because they’re impossible to avoid in the last two months of the year! And maybe also because I’ve been indulging in those Christmassy movies and basically creating a rod for my own back. Live and learn.

MUM LIFE - I was digging around in my handbag for a tissue the other day (hoping to find one that was reasonably unused) when I came across a promising contender - it was mildly crumpled but appeared snot free. Thinking I’d discovered a winner, I began to unfurl it, only to realise there was a crusty old baby tooth hidden inside! Don’t ask me to explain that one. This is just my life now.

Anyway, to wrap things up, here are some pieces of life from recent days that have brought me joy. Happy socks, work day snack break, pretty records and my favourite patch of light, family time in beauitful places, taste plate 101, and delicious alfresco dining with friends. All images were taken on Frida (my Nikon F100) and a roll of Kodak Portra 400 - just incase film is your thing.

Do let me know something you’ve been listening to, or reading, or watching, or humming. Or really anything that’s just making your days more awesome. Big or small. I’d love to hear from you.