Life Lately

Thoughts, likes and happenings from my corner of the world recently.

LOVING - The longer daylight hours and how much our backyard smells of Jasmine and occasionally the scent of someone barbecuing. I’m so ready for warmer days and more time spent outdoors - and by time spent outdoors I mean lying about in the sun with an excellent book or strolling along the beach with an ice cream. Just incase you got the impression I’m actually outdoorsy.

LISTENING TO - all of the podcasts! Because when you spend a lot of time with your computer you need good things for your ears. One of my current faves is ‘The Fringe of It’. Admittedly, this one might not be for everyone, but I just love listening to these two English ladies chatter about all things everyday. It’s very lighthearted and positive. Plus their accents are just fabulous.

READING - I’ve been on a self imposed instagram break (but that’s a story for another day) and my book intake has basically increased by, well, a lot! Sadly, they haven’t all been winners. I am however half way through ‘Britt Marie Was Here’ by Fredrik Backman, which is proving to be a really poignant, funny and heartwarming read.

WATCHING - Ok, so I can be a little wary of ghostly, horror themed anything but ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ on Netflix had me hooked. I was going to add a link to the trailer, but it’s creeeeepy and might turn you off. So maybe just try out episode one and see how you feel. Personally, I found it got a lot less scary as it went along. I really enjoyed it, not only for the characters but just the whole vibe in general. It was beautifully shot, and the colours and tone are on point. Let me know if you’ve watched it too, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

HUMMING - This tune for toe tapping, and this tune for all the mellow feels - but also because of Nell…(watch the aformentioned show, and you’ll know what I mean).

GOOGLING - ‘Should I give a sad bee sugar water?’ The jury’s still out on this one. I ended up giving him a little sweet drink (classic case of action before forethought) and then popped him in a lavender bush. Here’s hoping he’s now happily buzzing about in the great blue somewhere.

And to wrap things up, here are some happy pieces of life from recent days. My library book stash, florals (always), wishful thinking, backyard hangouts and our home grown tulips (I miss them already). All images were taken with Frida (my film camera), on a roll of Fuji Pro 400H - just incase film is your thing.

Do let me know something you’ve been listening to, or reading, or watching, or humming, or googling (if you’re game). Or really anything that’s just making your days more awesome. Big or small. I’d love to hear from you.