Find Us On The Beach

Storytelling sessions are all about capturing genuine family experiences and love.

These gorgeous people aren’t cooking spuds on a beachside fire because I asked them to, this is a little weekend adventure they truly enjoy.

Guys, this is where it’s at.

Getting together and just being you.

Of course with me around there’s definitely going to be more hugging, light chasing, and snuggling up together in aesthetically pleasing zones - because that’s me being me, while you’re being you (sounds like a nifty ‘Dr Seuss’ title, but it totally works).

Mostly though, it’s about spending time with your family in a way that feels true and authentic, and afterwards, looking back on photographs that retell your wonderful, nostalgic, togetherness.

‘Remember how we used to go to our favourite beach for jacket potatoes? Remember how your feet got really cold? Remember how Mum made those delicious cookies for our s’mores?’

Yes, it might be hectic, there will probably be complaints, somebody will get their socks wet, and you’ll barely get a chance to eat dinner before another kid needs something, but guess what? That’s so perfect.

Because you’re a real family, and that’s how it rolls.

Let’s just hang out, and let chaos and love collide.