The Long Days & The Short Years

I left this session with a lightness and happiness that comes from doing something you truly love. I also left with an intense feeling of gratitude towards this Mama, for opening her home to me at a time when she was still in the thick of that newborn fog. Busy, tired and juggling the very different needs of two small humans. This phase of life is beautiful but it's not easy, and as Mothers we often doubt our abilities and our choices. I don't take the vulnerability of these sessions for granted, and am so thankful to the women who are welcoming me into their days. 

Shea wrote some beautiful, honest words about her photographs and I was so moved and grateful, I asked if I could share a piece of her writing here: 

'These photos came to me when I was really, really low. I can see the love and joy in these photos - and seeing my son's happy face, well, it saved me. I finally realised that he's okay, and I'm good enough. Lisa came to our home when my little girl was six weeks old and took these beautiful photographs. Despite how tired I felt, clothes not fitting, leaking breasts and feeling like I was only just surviving each day with two children at home - I really, really love these photos. I endear anyone thinking about it to book Lisa for a motherhood session. You won't regret it.'