Gumboots & Hard Working Hands {a motherhood session}

How wonderful it was to reunite with this beautiful Mama, and to find her so in her element as a Mother and a Farmer.

Our morning together was cloudy and warm. We walked and talked through grassy paddocks - boots on, and a bug catcher in hand. We climbed fences, tended to the animals and giggled in the lush greenery by the fruit trees.

I adored seeing Kate’s children so content in the outdoors and loved witnessing their delight for their beautiful ‘backyard’.

I was warmed wholeheartedly by Kate’s love and care, and as always, found comfort in the discovery that some of my everyday parenting challenges are just the same as someone else’s.

I left this session feeling so thankful for the welcome that was given, and the openness that was shared.

I know it’s not easy to believe that you are enough, but I promise you are.

And it doesn't matter where you live, or what your day to day looks like.

A farm or a flat.

You just need to trust that this time, this now, deserves to be remembered.