Photographing Your Children At Home - 5 Ways To Up Your Game - Tip Three


While I love faces and beautiful portraits, there’s a special place in my heart for faceless, detail images.

Detail photos are a wonderful way to gather up little pieces of your family life and create small visual keepsakes. And the best part? They can be of anything that catches your eye or makes you smile.

Some of my most favourite details to photograph include:

  • Hands and feet.

  • Flowers from our garden.

  • Stuff the kids make - drawing, artwork, lego etc. *Taking photos of arty creations is actually a great way to keep record of a few special masterpieces, without having to store All.The.Things!

  • Cosiness - cups of tea, baked goods, fingers intertwined.

  • Any object in pretty light - because let’s face it, I’m #obsessed

Sometimes when taking photos we can forget about the little things, so just remember to get in close from time to time. Have your children hold their craft, or their favourite book, or something they wrote, move in a few more steps than you normally would, and snap a picture. Keep an eye out for little hands engaged in play, or happy dancing feet. Maybe when you take an image of your children from far away, ask yourself: ‘What else can I photograph within this scene if I move in closer?’

Remember also, detail photos can be of any homely things you love and you don’t need to include people. Make a photo of that pretty vase of flowers, or the sunlight hitting your pillow, or that delicious stack of pancakes. If it makes your heart happy, take a picture. Perhaps, like me, you may even find that photographing beautiful details helps you feel gratitude for things you might normally overlook.

So, take some time this week to notice your delightful details. They may only be a small part of your bigger story, but they have the power to bring you a whole lot of joy.